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ANNULÉ -Choraoke

"If you can talk, you can sing" is the motto of INECC. Singing together creates a unique atmosphere that you must experience yourself.

The idea behind Choraoke is to sing casually and without special musical training. It's about singing together pop, rock or indie songs from the 80s, 90s up to today s charts. With the support of a live band and two lead singers, you'll also have the challenge in singing polyphonic.

"Le premier Choraoké organisé au Gudde Wëllen a presque fait craquer les murs pourtant solides du local, tellement la clientèle s'est lâchée en chantant à pleins poumons [...]. La joie est au rendez-vous, les soucis oubliés pendant 90 minutes." Claude Neu, Lëtzebuerger Land

"Die Gruppendynamik ist beeindruckend." Simone Molitor, Lëtzebuerger Journal

"Am Anfang steht also die Frage, wie die Menschen wieder die Freude am gemeinsamen Singen vermittelt werden könnte: Choraoke ist das Resultat." Melody Hansen, Tageblatt

  • Januar, 14.01.

  • Februar, 18.02.

  • Mäerz, 17.03.

  • Mai, 12.05.

Where: De Gudde Wëllen
Time: 19h30
Entrance: free
Guarantee: fun
Everybody is welcome!

Our website is currently under construction.

Please contact us for any further information: / +352 26 430 481.

Thank you for your patience and keep singing!