A CAPE'lla Classes: Sing it! Skills für Stimme und Interpretation

Discover your voice with André Bachmann, singer of the vocal group ONAIR !

Choral singing is a fusion with each other, immersion in a sound body, sounding together. Anyone who seeks to thrive in this area will soon realize in themselves and others the fundamental importance of strong, individual vocal technique. Good choir singers are flexible in all parameters of their vocal design and can often respond intuitively to any musical requirement and thus devote themselves to free musical creation, creative content.

Together, we'll discover ways to warm the voice more gently, breathe more freely, sound farther, and harmonize better with each other. We fearlessly discuss individual limitations and ways to overcome them. Nevertheless, this workshop can only be a prologue to a more intensive individual training.

On this basis, another emphasis will be placed on the mixture, this feeling of unity, of harmony. We find ways to enter into this state of musical fusion, to open our ears to the music around us, to learn how to align our antennae with other musicians with incredibly simple techniques.

Animator : André Bachmann (from the vocal group ONAIR)

This workshop is for all singing enthusiasts, beginners and experienced.

Date : Saturday, January 29, 2022

Time : 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Location : CAPE Ettelbruck

Language : German / English

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info@inecc.lu / +352 26 430 481.

Thank you for your patience and keep singing!