circle songs

Circle Songs - 26.11.2022

The participants form a circle and create a unique singing experience together, taking turns to improvise.

Prerequisite: A love of singing, regardless of level

Date: 26.11.2022

Time: 10:30 - 12:00

Place: INECC Luxembourg (1st floor)
          2 rue Sosthène Weis, L-2722 Luxembourg Grund

Price: 10 € adults | 5 € young people (<27 years) | Kulturpass: 1,50

In a Circle Songs workshop, participants stand in a circle and follow the musical input of the facilitators. The musical material changes and instant compositions are created. It is a collective and individual vocal improvisation based on movement, listening and interaction. The basic song pattern can be inspired by African, Latin, groove, traditional folk or jazz influences. 

Popularised as a vocal discipline by Bobby Mc Ferrin over 20 years ago, the Circle Song is an ancient, powerful ritual form that generates a collective musical energy and connection within the group

You will be guided by our course facilitators: Nicolas Billaux, Jeff Mack and Muriel Nsunda. 



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Thank you for your patience and keep singing!