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Bartleby Delicate - and the U Major Choir

(Dësen Artikel ass leider nët op Lëtzebuergesch verfügbar) Don't miss this beautiful polyphonic outdoor concert by singer/songwriter Bartleby Delicate in collaboration with the U Major Choir.
Luxembourg €15

Datum: 21. Juli 2022
Auerzeit: 21:00
Veranstaltungsort: Cloître et jardin Lucien Wercollier


Upcoming singer/songwriter Bartleby Delicate is planning an exciting concert in collaboration with the U Major Choir and INECC. The choir will infuse the artist’s songs with ethereal vocals and merge their musical volume with authenticity and a youthful spirit. George Goerens, the artist behind the project, expertly navigates the currents of contemporary folk and loop-oriented electronics, all the while focusing on the narratives he weaves into his forward-thinking compositions.

His music earned him accolades from Tom Rosenthal and live performances all across Europe (SPOT, Reeperbahn Festival, WAVES Vienna, The Great Escape) in the process. His EP ‘Deadly Sadly Whatever’ showcases a cinematic quality that stretches the limits of the imagination. Building on the melodious cadences of his voice, field recordings merge with subtle arpeggios and melancholy piano chords, driven forward by a heartbeat-like energy. Capturing contradictions and paradoxes between quiet yearning, sorrow and a lust for life, Bartleby Delicate’s voice provides explores the nooks and crannies of light in everyday life. 



“Bartleby Delicate is the epitome of a soulful one-man folk-band, creating sounds that we are only used to hear from José Gonzáles or Bon Iver.”



„Un rêve apaisant“ 



„Une pop-folk enivrante, raffinée et poétique“



“Truly hypnotic and a sight to behold.”



“A diverse sound and unique music pieces. In any case, far away from being another stereotype.”


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