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What does INECC do ?

INECC is passionate about promoting the pleasure of singing, raising awareness and providing training at all levels, from initiation to professionalization. By offering advice and technical and pedagogical assistance, INECC fosters partnerships and creates synergies, forging links between amateur and professional practices in musical creation and dissemination.

The INECC actively supports initiatives in the field, such as the training of future choirmasters and the vocal development of singers. By listening attentively, the INECC offers direct answers, help with project design and the creation of partnerships, positioning itself as a privileged partner for designing and advising musical projects.

Since 1992, INECC Luxembourg has been addressing a wide audience, including you: teachers, supervisors, project leaders, associations, training or broadcasting structures, local authorities... Think of INECC to nurture your musical ambitions!