walking in nature

Sangen an der Natur Remerschen

Come sing with us, and enjoy a lovely hike in nature, in Remich.
  • Date: 21.05.2022
  • Time: from 2 pm to 5 pm
  • Address: 5, Bréicherwee, L-5441 Remerschen, Luxembourg

Singing in nature is a unique experience for all ages. Join us on this beautiful path around the nature reserve "Haff Réimech".

On the programme: modern and classical folk songs in different languages.

Starting point: Biodiversum Remerschen

Details of the walk: this is the route, but we will only do  the part in the nature reserve.

    Price: 20 € / <27 years 10 € / Kultupass 1,50
    Speakers : Tiffany Saska & Laurent Kohn






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Thank you for your patience and keep singing!