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Melodic Vibrations

Melodic Vibrations

Melodic Vibrations was created in 2019 and is led by Priscila Da Costa, rock singer, songwriter and Vocal Coach.
This class is for everyone who loves to sing! The advantage: to sing in this choir, participants do not need any special musical knowledge. Discover the psychological, physical, social and educational benefits of singing in a choir!

Course overview:
-Warm-up exercises to leave behind the stress of everyday life
-Vocal exercises
-Choice of a song to go into detail and correct pronunciation and rhythm
-All of this will take place without notes and without scores
-The speaker will accompany the participants on a piano to develop a musical sensitivity without musical sensitivity without the need to use scores.
-In order to rehearse at home, the different members will have recordings with the different with the different voices and lyrics of the songs.
-At the end of the year the choir will give a concert!

Date: from Monday, 27/09/2021, every Monday (except during school vacations)
Place: Sang a Klang at Paafendall - 1, rue des Trois Glands, L-1629 Luxembourg-Pfaffenthal
Schedule: 19h00-21h00
Fee: 75€ per semester

**The first class is considered a trial class, after which you can decide to continue or not.
**As we are working towards a concert in December, it is advisable not to miss more than 3 times.

Covid-Rules: At the beginning of each class, we provide rapid tests on site. Vaccinated participants are welcome to bring their covid-passports and do not need to be tested (unless they wish to be tested voluntarily).

Course leader: Priscila Da Costa
Priscila da Costa is a rock singer, songwriter and vocal coach. She has started her musical path only later. At the age of 26, after finishing her law studies, she decided to listen to herself and radically took a different path putting all her energy into the passion that had always been buried in her: music! Today she is the leader of the band Ptolemea, singer of the
experimental project Judasz & Nahimana, and she is often invited to sing in other groups like Remo Cavallini Band. She is also the founder of The Singing Experience music school, which opened in December 2018 in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Her goal is to transmit her passion in order to help other singers to grow in their musical careers.